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Visit Barolo with a professional




Up to 15% discount on the list price on direct booking

I'm Alessio, a professional winemaker working in this great wine region.

This tour is special because is precisely designed to dive into the world of Barolo and Barbaresco wines and regions with the professional point of view.

This private Barolo wine tour is completely dedicated to Piedmont wines and their secrets.

I'll lead you to the details of the Terroir and vinification techniques of Barolo and Barbaresco districts.

I organise tours from 1 person to groups of 8-20 people.

We'll discover the singularity of our unique Terroir, the origin of the formation of soils, the connection between climate, wine growing, and grape varieties.


I’m Alessio, a professional winemaker based in Piedmont. I really love sharing my passion about this wonderful area.



- Morning: 2 commented wine tasting session in family run wineries in Barolo/Barbaresco area (detailed tour of the winery, wine-making unit and aging cellar)

- Lunch: I take care of booking your table in a « Piedmontese » typical restaurant

- Afternoon: 1 Commented wine tasting session in family run winery in Barolo/Barbaresco area


Hotel pick-up is always offered for this tour.

We will meet at your hotel in Turin, Alba, Barolo, Monforte d'Alba or elsewhere in the surrounding area: we'll schedule during the booking process.

The tour is precisely designed for wine-lovers or wine-professional that are looking for a full immersion of Barolo and Barbaresco regions of 1-2-3 days.

Take in the incredible views of the Langhe wine-producing region with a winemaker working in the area. Understand how little differences of the soil could lead to completely different wines, which are the differences between Barolo and Barbaresco and where the 181 crus of Barolo and 66 of Barbaresco are located. With a technical point of view, the wine area will have no more secrets for you.


Tour Testimonials

What They’re Saying

"I’m in the wine industry (U.S.) but I still learned a lot from Alessio! At my request, he took me to a couple very small, family-owned wineries in Barolo and one in Barbaresco. It was a memorable experience to have the family owners share their stories and wine us personally. Alessio speaks English very well and communicated often before the trip to ensure he set up just the right experience for me. Since he is a winemaker in Barolo he offers some unique and valuable insights. Highly recommend!!"

"This experience goes well beyond winery visits. Alessio made sure we truly understood the region during our half day tour. It wasn't just about going to one winery in La Morra and one in Serralunga (both excellent with welcoming, knowledgeable guides). By taking the time to examine the topography from each town viewing the other, we were better able to understand the impact of terroir on the wines. At one winery, we were able to look at the specific vineyards during the tasting and directly connect how different exposures and elevations impacted the wines. At the other, we could see the soil composition through plexiglass when descending to the winery from the tasting room. If you have any interest in wines from this area, please do not miss this experience."



I have been collecting wine for a few years now and have just begun to learn about Barolo and Barbaresco. So, for our first trip to the area, my wife and I wanted to rely on an expert to help us learn more about the region. We are pleased to say that Alessio exceeded all our expectations! As a winemaker himself, Alessio is extremely knowledgeable about the area, the important vineyards of the region, as well as the vinification processes. What was especially fun, was that most producers had a copy of the MGA book (which outlines all the vineyards in Barolo and Barbaresco, there is one book for each) and Alessio would pull this out and we could dive deep into the vineyards, and the producers who made wine from each vineyard.

I think the magic of the trip however was the producers Alessio picked. We were lucky enough to spend three days with Alessio, one in Roero, one in Barbaresco, and one in Barolo. All the producers that we visited had very interesting and wonderful wines and also took a great deal of time to educate us on the history of the estates, the vinification process, and especially the developments they are working on. From a Nebbiolo completely vinified in Amphora, to a solar-powered humidity control cellar system, to a rainwater collection system, these producers are all doing interesting and amazing things in their operation. Finally, at all but one estate we were able to meet and interact with the owners of the estate, which was wonderful. My wife and I firmly believe that our excellent experiences at the wineries are due to the relationships Alessio has with the vintners.

In closing, Alessio is one of the most professional, and knowledgeable people I have been able to tour with. We will definitely come back and tour with him again!


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